15 Things Successful People DON’T DO In Their 20s

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15 Things Successful People DON'T DO In Their 20s
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How I wish I had had advice like this when I was in my 20’s! Looking back, I can confirm that these are absolutely correct.

Here are the 15 Things Successful People DON’T DO in their 20s, together with our own notes:

1. They Don’t Care About Impressing Their Peers

Peer pressure exerts a stronger influence when you are young. People in their 20’s are more likely to make poor choices purely based on a desire to impress their peers than people who are older and have realized that it does not matter. Trying to impress people is a waste of time and effort and can often lead to doing unbelievably stupid things (been there, done that).

2. They’re Not Stuck In One Place

Travel broadens the mind and a realization that you can go anywhere, combined with a decision to follow your dreams, will lead to success.

3. They Don’t Let Others Choose Their Future For Them

Once you reach adulthood you are the captain of your own ship. You should think clearly about the course you are going to take and the goals that you have and not be pushed into accepting a life that you do not really want, because others think that would be best for you. You decide for you!

4. They Don’t Think Education Is Enough For A Successful Life

Traditional education is better than no education, however it is outmoded when it comes to the skills needed to equip you for modern life. One needs to understand and adopt the idea that you should be responsible for continuing to learn as much as you can throughout life.

5. They Don’t Let Emotions Dictate Their Actions

Youth is a time when emotions can exert a huge control over your life. However those who are able to master their emotions and have control over their actions will go far.

6. They Don’t Spend All Their Income

If you are young and able to have the self-discipline to keep and grow some savings, well done. You are on the right path. If only I had started saving at the age of 14 and put just a few pounds per day aside, how wealthy I would be now! All the money you save and invest works for you and even if it is only a few percent, all that money is good money and especially so if it continues to come in for life!

7. They’re Not Impatient

Success is a long game and patience is getting harder in the modern era where everyone is selling us the “instant fix” for everything and attempting to make us feel inadequate if we do not get things fast. The truly successful know that the best things cannot be achieved overnight and that true foundations of a successful life will take years.

8. They Don’t Hang Out With Losers

Did I ever learn this the hard way. The choice of who you hang out with will dictate the course of your life. “Show me your friends and I will show you your future” said Dan Pena and he was right. Hanging out with losers will drag you down, waste your time and money and can potentially bring disastrous circumstances to your life.

9. They’re Not Hoping For A Miracle Solution To All Their Problems

Once again this comes down to self responsibility. Successful people know that they alone are responsible for solving their problems and adopting this mindset is the hallmark of a high achiever.

10. They Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Planning And Setting Goals

Wishing for something is not enough to bring it to you. The successful set clear goals, make clear plans and take measured steps towards them.

11. They Don’t Obsess About Finding Their Soulmate

Being in a relationship does not define you. Chasing after your “soul mate” can waste years of your life. It is far better to focus on your own self improvement and trust that this will attract someone to you who is worthy of you. (This is really true!)

12. They Don’t Waste Time

People in their 20’s of course have more time left than people in their 40’s – and work tends to expand to fill the time available. It is easier to procrastinate and put things off when you are younger. Later, you will wish you hadn’t – as none of the things you were wasting time on matter any more and there is only a sense of regret at what you might have achieved if you had had more of a sense of urgency. Don’t be that person.

13. They’re Not Arrogant

Arrogance does seem to correlate with youth. At a young age you really do not know everything, but you feel as though you do. Just take a step back and consider that you do not yet have the life experience to know everything and that people who are older may have something of value to offer.

14. They Don’t Think The World Revolves Around Them

Another common trait of youth; this can be especially pronounced in young children, who are used to all their needs being served by others. By the time you reach your 20’s you should be grown up enough to learn that nobody owes you anything any more and that whatever you are going to achieve, you must achieve off your own back.

15. They Don’t Give Up When Things Get Hard

If you are constantly looking for the easy path you will not achieve anything much. At some point, the going will certainly get difficult and those who are on the path to success will not simply look for something easier to do.

15 Things Successful People DON'T DO In Their 20s
Graphic © WealthPowerBoost.com. Background image – Pixabay (PD)