★ How To Avoid SCAM Courses And Phoney Business Tutorials

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How To Avoid SCAM Courses And Phoney Business Tutorials
How To Avoid SCAM Courses And Phoney Business Tutorials Graphic © WealthPowerBoost.

You are being manipulated: There are tons of “marketers” trying to sell you an (overpriced) course on how to make money – and much of it is junk. There are also countless others flashing big numbers in your face to get clicks, but in many cases those numbers are completely misleading.

How to spot the junk:

1) Talk Of Big Numbers That Utilizes “Projection Math”

Projection math is pure guesswork with no basis in actual results. It goes something like this: “If just 1% of people who click your ad end up buying, you will make $ ________. You cannot lose!”

You’ll lose.

I’ve been in internet marketing over 15 years. Remember this: ALL projection math is just pie in the sky until it is tested. NOTHING matters other than actual, tested results!

Those “1% of clicks” statistics are pure garbage. It might seem attractive but in reality the conversion might be way, way lower than 1% – or even zero!

I remember once in the old days buying $100 of “run of network” traffic for ultra-cheap prices, thinking that I couldn’t lose. Boom! I got around 15,000 clicks…… and zero sales. Lesson learned!

2) Outlier “Unicorn” Statistics / Atypical Results Without Context

We’ve all seen this – it’s all over Youtube: Hyping a side hustle or business opportunity with a cherry picked example.

The key question: Have they actually done this? And if it’s so fantastic, why are they on Youtube telling everyone about it so as to flood the market and ruin it for themselves?

So (for example) they will demonstrate a hustle by referencing an outlier Youtube channel, dropping it into “VidIQ” to screenshot the channel’s income estimates, then base the “revenue you can achieve with this method” on that extreme example.

What they aren’t telling you is that there are 1000 other channels doing the same thing – and most of them are making peanuts.

These unscrupulous Youtube hustlers are sacrificing their long term reputation for a short term hit of clickbait – but it’s a bad mistake, because your long term reputation is the real gold. The gravy train will end – it always ends – and when the cash runs out, they will be back on the hunt for a new way to manipulate people.

Now I’m not a lawyer but it’s my understanding that if you are selling a method of making money, you are legally required to disclaim atypical results… correct me if I am wrong.

And people remember: Do you really want to be the person who, when you pop up again in someone’s feed, they think “Oh no, not this c*** again.”

The Real Value Of Outlier Statistics:

Outlier statistics can be extremely valuable – but they need context. In other words, you need to compare these stats to stats from numerous others attempting the same method – so that you can a) get a realistic expectation of a typical result, and b) get insight on what they did differently.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT base your income potential on “unicorn” / outlier examples alone!

For example, I came across an Amazon Influencer (member of the Amazon Influencer Program) boasting income of over $20,000+ per month – and I am confident that it was real. However, it was a unicorn example. It didn’t take long for me to find numerous other Amazon Influencers and see that there are many who are only making $500-$1000 per month! However, by digging deeper and gathering more statistics I was able to see what the outlier did differently… how many videos they created, whether they simply got in before everyone else and numerous other key points about their overall strategies, so to get a realistic picture and to better understand the actual factors that gave them an edge over the competition.

Learn everything you can about an opportunity before jumping on it, so as to make a good decision. But don’t delay forever – or spend forever looking for minimal effort, maximal gain. (see #4)

3) Outdated (Or Soon-To-Be Outdated) Methods

You know the old saying “if you see a bandwagon, it’s too late”. Someone who made bank in the early days of a method can cause a ton of others to flock to that method. That can mean it’s now saturated. They might even have moved on from it entirely because it simply doesn’t work any more. Once again, compare their results with numerous others to build a realistic picture – and remember that all internet opportunities have a rise and a fall. If seeking a new venture, always consider the curve – the rise and fall – and ask yourself whereabouts in the curve we are at the current moment.

4) Promises Of Minimal Effort, Maximal Gain – aka “Bright Shiny Objects”

Auto pilot income is a real possibility. I’ve made money every single night while I slept for over 10 years. However – building up that portfolio of blogs, social media channels, investments and income streams took a ton of real work, mistakes, setbacks and sheer determination. Anyone who promises you that you can do this without effort is fooling you. And bear this in mind – even if you do make a fast cash windfall, it can actually harm you in the long run – because you become what you do and so if you don’t continue to create actual value, it will all catch up with you in the end. The money will run out and you will be back at square one. This I promise you! You have to create lasting value to create long term success!

5) Hyper-Expensive Courses Promising Oversized Wins – Combined With Emotional Pressure To Make A Fast Decision

– i.e. “This course is worth $24,999 but we are going to let you have it for $1,499 if you buy today.”

These sellers have all the tricks to spike your emotions and get you to make an impulse decision, largely through FOMO (fear of missing out). Don’t fall for it. Some information is genuinely valuable, however genuine mentors should be either fairly priced or free – and there will be low sales pressure.

They should give proof of concept and revenue, but won’t flaunt their wealth in your face at every opportunity. Avoid those who make continual ‘power statements’ – flexing on you. This is deliberate and manipulative, with the intention to make you feel small, inadequate and dependent on them for salvation. They are preparing you for the slaughter, as it were – and make no mistake, behind the charisma is a ruthless predator.

Always learn what you can for free: You can learn tons from free Reddit and Facebook groups, and from legit mentors (choose carefully!) on Youtube who are typically giving away valuable knowledge to build a following, which they can monetize through ad revenue and further product offerings. It can be hard to spot the real ones from the legions of hype merchants on Youtube, but you get better at this with time. Knowing the classic tricks outlined above will help you spot them for what they are.

I once purchased a $1,999 course. Almost 10 years ago. It didn’t make me ANY money at all, and when I had the audacity to report that to the course seller, I was treated like I was obviously stupid and that it was all my fault.

I guess they were right, because despite having a near-150 IQ, clearly I was stupid…. for buying their BS course that was allegedly going to teach me how to make generational wealth!!!!

That was my time of getting wise the hard way. And we’ve all done that.

You can safely assume that ALL of this overpriced stuff that promises great gains for minimal effort… is BS. It’s preying on our basic human instinct to seek the short cut, ease and comfort. Don’t do it.