The Three Pillars Of A Successful Life. Master These To Achieve Freedom, Abundance, Happiness And Any Goal You Set Your Mind To!

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The Three Pillars Of A Successful Life
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This quick tutorial gives you a simple system that you can apply to your life for lasting success…

There are three pillars, or foundations, for a happy and prosperous life:

Health (including safety & security), Wealth and Relationships.

That’s it.

Prioritize these three things above all else, and everything else will start to fall into place.

If you have any other priorities that you placed above these, well… just watch how things start to fall apart.

If these three pillars are strong, they can support a platform that is strong, stable and from which you can do anything you dream of in this world.

If one (or more) of the pillars falls, then that platform of dreams tips over and you fall into survival mode, no longer at liberty to power forwards with your goals; “forced” into a scenario where you have to “put out fires” and repair the pillars.

It’s so simple – but it makes perfect sense!

Life / The Universe / God (whatever you want to call it) has gifted us with enough grace that in general, if we are focused in the right way and putting health, wealth and relationships first, we can grow and flourish in a healthy way.

Like a tree grows from sunlight, warmth, water and soil.

However if we are focused in the wrong way, life starts to take its toll on us, sapping our strength, weakening us, causing us to take a fall.

We all take a tumble occasionally. But there are those who are falling again and again, it can usually be pinned down to their lack of following this simple rule of the three pillars. Look into this deeply and you will see that it is true.

Psychologists will take it further and identify a lack of self esteem or some other past event or trigger. But we don’t need that right now to be empowered and start moving towards our dreams. We need right action, based on clarity of understanding of what we need to be doing.

And thankfully, it is ultimately a very simple system. Your priorities in life are not all that complex. Take care of your health, your wealth and your relationships.

Put these things first and there will be harmony in your world.

When I say nothing matters more than your relationships, let’s clarify.

I do not mean that you should stay in a bad relationship at all costs. Not at all.

It means that harmonious relationships and a harmonious personal life are of vital importance to happiness. The same principle applies overall to business and social relationships. There needs to be a win-win.

Don’t ever chase after someone who doesn’t want you or doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated. Don’t ever put yourself in a situation where you are not actually valued and your dreams and needs are marginalized. You should absolutely be prepared to go it alone if the only apparent options right now are not treating you right. Because those situations will only drag you down and harm you.

Don’t do it. Don’t settle. Get your life straight. Get well. Get fit. Get your money straight. Get clear on your true desires and dreams.

And then you will be feeling good about who you are. That has a magic to it. Have faith – because that will attract someone who recognizes that and sees you.

So you can see that before being in relationship with another, the first relationship you need to get right is your relationship with yourself.

How’s the self-care going today?

These three pillars of health, wealth and relationships all inter-relate. If you are really sick you cant have passion or make money very easily. If you have no money then you can get sick and it can break a partnership. And if your relationship is all messed up then it affects money and health also.

This is why all three pillars need to be strong.

It really is like a three-legged table. All three legs have to be rock solid. Those are the foundations of your life.

Easy to explain… but a lifetime to master.