36 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home

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36 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home
36 Legitimate Ways To Make Money At Home – Graphic © WealthPowerBoost. Photo © Shutterstock (under license)

Need ideas for ways to make money? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve sifted through TONS of ideas to bring you 36 of the best REAL ways to make money from home – with TONS of links and tips to help you get started! Let’s get right into it! 🙂

#1 – Get Paid To Take Care Of Animals

Image – Pixabay (PD)

I have done this a number of times. A friend of mine would leave his dog with me whenever he went on vacation. We had a large area out back with a high fence – and all I really had to do is check up on the dawg and give him some “human time” a few times a day, take him for a walk, feed him according to instructions and with food provided, and make sure his water bowl is topped up. Because I already work from home it’s easy money for me – and my friend is happy knowing his “Best Friend” is with someone who he trusts.

There are millions of pet owners and for a number of reasons – sickness, vacation or just being too busy – they could need help at any time. This could be ideal if you love animals, have a calm, kind temperament and enjoy / have experience and skill working with them.

You should have a working knowledge of the type of animal you are going to care for and a secure, safe, friendly location for them. You will need to be organized, caring, reliable and have good ‘people skills’. Your startup costs for this kind of work can be minimal as you can promote locally with simple flyers, through social media or at events such as dog shows. An advisable idea would be to get insurance so that you are covered in the event of loss. Note also that some areas may require a license to operate a pet care business. Check with your county or state business office and take the required steps to obtain a license if this is necessary.

You can offer dog walking services; possibly even walking several dogs at the same time to increase your earnings. You can also use websites such as Rover.com to network with dog owners. If you have the space you may be able to board several animals. Or if you are pet sitting at an owner’s house, you could put your own place on Airbnb and get paid twice! One further option to consider would be to find other pet sitters and subcontract to them for a commission, enabling you to grow your client base.

There are other options. What about earning up to $50 / hr to be a pet massage therapist? Yes it’s real. Details here. You can also take care of plants for homeowners who are away.

#2 – Sell Your Old Stuff

Image – Pixabay (PD)

You can do this. Virtually everyone is sitting on a pile of cash in the form of unwanted items that they have laying around, or in many cases, piled up to the ceiling or costing monthly fees sitting in storage units! So it’s time to have a proper clearout, make some space and get some swift cashflow happening at the same time. I do this regularly and it works really well for me. Plus it’s fun! 🙂

Ebay is always a prime platform for selling all kinds of things. Obvious candidates include old mobile phones, CDs, DVDs, clothes… think in particular about items that are smaller, not too fragile, easy to mail, and would fetch over $50. Bigger items could possibly be sold locally on craigslist.com. And I’m sure there are still companies that will sell your stuff for you on eBay for a percentage if you have other things to do.

You’d be amazed at what you can sell on eBay. I once sold a dead laptop on eBay! I explained with absolute clarity that the computer was dead as a doorstop, that some of the parts may or may not be working, and that I made no guarantees whatsoever. I sold it and received positive feedback from the buyer – because they knew what they were getting and were obviously planning to “scrap” the computer and salvage some working parts.

So that illustrates one thing that’s hugely important – being a good, honest seller. Always be meticulous when describing your items and any flaws they may have, package your items impeccably with excellent padding, and follow through well with communications and transaction details. You want that good feedback.

You might even be able to clear out enough space with all the junk you get rid of, that you can also free up an entire room or garage and make MORE money renting it out (see below!)

Alternatives to eBay include LetGo – which enables you to list stuff fast, Ziffit and Decluttr – which buy your old media and electronics in bulk, saving you the trouble of dealing with buyers and payments. Decluttr will take CDs, DVDs, video games, Apple laptops, cell phones, tablets, video game consoles, iPods and even LEGO!

If you are in the UK you can take phones, DVDs and video games to CeX, and WeBuyBooks has an amazing app that enables you to scan the bar code for your books, get an instant valuation, print out a shipping label, mail them for free and get a payment when it has gone through! Really an amazing service and I have used it many times.

Other obvious options here include having a garage sale / yard sale. People can’t resist a bargain. You can also team up with others in your neighborhood to create a bigger sale and attract more buyers.

For further Ebay info, check out my free Ebay tutorial – “26 Insider Tips For Ebay Success”.

#3 – Sell Produce, Baked Goods Or Flowers From Your Garden At A Local Market Or Store

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Something for the gardeners and green-thumbs among you. There are numerous options here – probably more than you would have thought. Often, local stores will be delighted to take locally grown produce or baked goods such as cakes. Then there are Farmers’ Markets. You could possibly sell to the market stalls themselves if you do not want your own stall. There are also online networks such as BigBarn (in the UK).

Local sourced fresh produce is also increasingly on the menu in restaurants and so there is another option there. So you can create relationships with chefs, pubs, restauranteurs. Everyone needs food, every day – so this is one area in which there will always be demand – but unless you are growing on a commercial scale this is a way to produce a little extra money, not a full income.

#4 – Collect Missing Money Owed To You And Your Family

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Missingmoney.com is a famous web site that enables people to search for money that may be due to them. An amazing number of people find money that is due to them this way, including some famous “jackpot” stories such as those where relatives held stock in a company for their entire lives and it had lain forgotten since they passed away. Another site to try is Neverclaimed.com – which runs searches for accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity or contact with the owner for one year or a longer period.

#5 – Teach English Online

Image – Pixabay (PD)

I met a lady who teaches English online using Skype. She chats in English with professionals in other countries, some of whom are very highly educated, and they pay her a fantastic hourly rate. She gives them a great opportunity to practice real conversation and they pay for her time.

There are so many websites now that facilitate this that all you have to do is google “get paid to teach English online” and you will find them. Going rates seem to be around $15-$30 per hour, which is pretty decent especially considering that you don’t have to leave the house! Found a great tutorial here.

#6 – Get Clever With Credit Cards

Credit Card
Image – Pixabay (PD)

For most people, credit cards are an expensive money pit encouraging you to buy things you don’t need and pay for them later – plus interest, of course. However for the skilled credit card wielder with great credit (we’re talking 700+), there are some real opportunities to make money. Here’s how it works.

You can apply for multiple new credit cards that have a signup bonus (often $150 but possibly up to $500). The Credit Card Companies know that most people will end up paying so much to the company in interest that they can afford to offer these kinds of enticement bonuses to get you hooked in. Credit card “churners” sign up for several cards and take this process as far as they can within Terms of Service, claiming as many rewards as they can. It’s an in-depth, if somewhat “underground” money making strategy and there is even an entire reddit with tons of information on this topic.

The second possibility here is to sign up for cards that have a 0% interest, 0 fees for the first 12 or 15 months – first moving all your debt onto the 0% card by using it for your spending – and paying off all your other cards, saving money on the interest savings. Then, by investing the money profitably, liquidating the investments in time to pay off the card before the interest rate kicks in. If you have several high-limit cards you may be able to make several thousand dollars per year doing this. Note of course that if you use “cash transfer” you will get hit with a 3% fee or thereabouts, making the method redundant. So you will need to find a way to move the money without fees. You could purchase items online (using the new card) that you know you can resell for the equivalent price (putting the resulting money in savings / investments until just before the 0% period is over).

Then there is the topic of “manufactured spending” which uses various techniques to rack up the amount of points on the card, which can then be redeemed for cash. In-depth explanation here.

The rules here are an ever-shifting sea and there is of course the possibility of losing money as well as making money if you get it wrong.

#7 – Buy Underpriced Goods Locally And Selling Them On Ebay Or Amazon

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Applying the principle that “the money is made on the buy, not the sell”, opens up limitless opportunities in the massive and diverse global marketplace. One good example is searching thrift stores for undervalued vintage clothing – which can then be sold on eBay at a big markup. If you know your brands this could be one for you. You could even search the app while in the store, finding out what other examples of that item have sold for, to see if it is a good deal.

Another example is to buy heavily discounted or liquidated stock that can be bought way under market value and sold for a good markup online. Look for small, light, easy-to-ship items that are worth at least $20 and have a low incidence of problems.

#8 – Stock Photo (And Other Content Libraries)

Image – Pixabay (PD)

There are a number of web sites which host digital content such as (for example) stock photos – and have a system in place where you create an account, sign an agreement, upload your content, and then get paid every time someone downloads the content. If you have the equipment and the skills, you should be able to start making money this way.

A good way to approach this might be to consider what is commonplace in your area, but scarce in other places. It might be some feature of the landscape, a type of plant, even items in your home.

An important thing to bear in mind with digital content libraries is that volume is very often the key. The more content you have uploaded, the greater your overall revenue is likely to be. The best selling digital content has also very often been digitally improved / retouched and this of course takes time.

Images: Examples of stock image websites include iStockPhoto, Bigstock and Shutterstock.

Audio: If you make beats / sound effects / original compositions / soundscapes try Epidemic Sound or AudioJungle

Video: Pond5 is one of the leading platforms for this. They allow you to set your own prices and take a percentage that varies depending on whether you assign exclusive or non-exclusive rights. Try also a href=”https://submit.shutterstock.com” target=”_blank”>Shutterstock and Wirestock.

There are great tutorials on how to make money with stock photography here and here.

There are many other forms of digital content which can make you money while you sleep through content libraries. Other examples are audio samples / sound effects and video.

#9 – Get Paid To Drive People Around Town

Image – Pixabay (PD)

The demand for ride sharing is now huge – and the major platforms Uber and Lyft offer an opportunity to make several hundred dollars per week – depending on how many hours you put in.

You will need of course a valid driving license, to be over 21, have at least one year since you passed your test (three years if you’re under 23 years old) and pass a background check. You must also have a four door car with valid registration and insurance.

One of the good things about this money making method is that you can set your own schedule, so it can be a great way to make an extra side income working when you are available.

If you fancy delivering items, not people, you could also check out PostMates.

#10 – Rent Out Your Spare Room, Cabin Or Entire Home

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Many people are now aware that AirBnb is a potential way to make a four figure monthly income – so this one is not new, but it still works – and renting out your space is probably one of the biggest moneymakers in the entire sharing economy. Note that there may be legal restrictions or licensing requirements in your area and you will need to research these and stay on the right side of them.

Nightly rental services such as Airbnb offer the potential to make much more money than with a long-term tenant. Though it of course takes more work – as the place needs to be cleaned and prepared in between renters. Nevertheless, there is a further possibility here involving exploiting this market differential. I know someone who made money subletting several properties simultaneously on Airbnb – finding landlords who were ok with this use of their property and then using it for a holiday let, pocketing the difference.

#11 – Make Things And Sell Them On Etsy

Image – Pixabay (PD)

From making clothes through to making candles, carving wood through to making stained glass, there are many avenues for the crafty. A good thing about this is that you can do it small-scale – and turn an enjoyable pastime into a way to make some extra cash.

Etsy has now become the online avenue of choice for people involved in this field and offers the opportunity for the creative to turn their passion into an income.

One of the challenges of making crafts is that you may be competing head to head with foreign imports of products that are made far cheaper than yours can be. But Etsy shoppers are typically looking for the unusual / unique and this reflects in the popularity of Etsy, which is now a major international marketplace.

#12 – Virtual Assistant / Online Freelancer

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Web design, graphic design, data entry, transcription, article writing, video production, proofreading, social media management, coding, app development… there are tons of opportunities to work from home on your laptop. Good examples of freelancer websites include Getafreelancer.com, Guru.com, Upwork.com and Onlinejobs.ph (this last one is for outsourcers based in the Philippines).

Learn more: Top 10 ESSENTIAL Skills For Virtual Assistants – How To Be An Amazing Virtual Assistant.

Rates vary widely depending on the type of work, your skill level and (sometimes) your abilities with the English language – but there are now millions of people who earn a living from home working online, taking on tasks for businesses around the world.

#13 – Make Money As An Instagram Influencer

Image – Pixabay (PD)

You might have thought that Instagram was purely about social competition and vanity – however there are serious motives besides showing off. Instagram influencers can make real money promoting products for real world businesses – depending on the size and engagement of your following. A sponsored post can easily be worth $300 and if you have hundreds of thousands of followers, each post may be worth thousands. The top Instagram influencers are making good incomes and companies are seeking them out now. A classic is when they have a product launch or special event; they will seek to pull in influencers in their area and give them freebies or cash in return for a post about the event.

This is one field in which it certainly pays to be good looking and stylish. Developing a strong social media presence takes a wide ranging skill set including photography, styling, people skills and also other skills such as learning the various tricks and ways to build your following (these can be researched). However there are numerous other possibilities, for example for food bloggers, cat fanciers and so on – in addition to money making methods that do not even require you to have a following of your own.

Check out my full-length free tutorial on making money on Instagram.

#14 – Facebook Ads Specialist

Image – Pixabay (PD)

If you have the skills to run a tight and competitive ad campaign, there are millions of businesses that want to work with you. Internet promotion and traffic are the lifeblood of an enormous number of businesses – and in truth most Facebook Ads campaigns are poorly executed. And many businesses know they need this service but do not know where to start. You will need an understanding of how to work headline / image combinations in order to generate a high CTR (click through rate) and the various policies and rules that FB has for their ads. This is also a business you can scale – outsourcing the basics and focusing on bringing in new clients. Providing a monthly subscription option could have the potential for multiple ongoing revenues.

#15 – Generate Leads For Local Businesses

Urban Scene
Image – Pixabay (PD)

Related to the previous – this could involve using an online ad platform such as Facebook but could also work “in the real world” promoting businesses by flyers, word of mouth and so on. You could either work for a fee or for commission. Again, this is a service with enormous demand and limitless options.

#16 – Self-Publish eBooks

Image – Pixabay (PD)

If you have writing skills you can publish your own book. You can also outsource the writing and build up a content empire. Popular genres include “how-to” / self help guides and novels. You can see what works already by what gets the most and best reviews and your best bet would be to work within a genre that has proven popularity.

Amazon is one of the most popular and will pay you up to 70% of each sale. Platforms to investigate include Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, Barnes And Noble Self Publishing, Kobo Writing Life and Clickbank. Clickbank allows you to set your own commission structure and enables affiliates to sell your product for you, which is awesome if you have something great to share but don’t have an audience yet – because you can leverage theirs.

#17 – Convert Your Trash Into Cash

Image – Pixabay (PD)

A surprising number of the things you throw away could have some resale value – plus you will be scoring a few eco points for re-use. A few examples: 1) aluminum cans – worth about 1 to 2 cents each for the scrap metal in them. 2) magazines – if they are in good condition can often be sold on eBay as there are always people looking for “back issues”. 3) Wine corks – these have various uses in DOY craft projects and can also be listed on ebay 4) Old electrical wire. Assuming it is copper core and not aluminum cored wire, this can be quite valuable for the copper content – currently valued at around $2 to $3 per pound weight of copper. 5) Old mobile phones – there are various “buyback sites” that will pay cash for these, especially smartphones. 6) Jam Jars, coffee jars and perfume bottles, shirt buttons, coat hangers… even kitchen roll and toilet roll tubes – can fetch surprising prices. Just take a look on ebay at the prices these things are selling for. Learn more: 27 Surprising Things You Can Sell On eBay For Quick Profits (I Made $12,000+ Doing This!)

#18 – Become A YouTuber

Image – Pixabay (PD)

YouTube is not only the de facto launchpad for internet celebrities but also a platform for making a living. The video sharing site’s biggest stars are now making millions of dollars, by publishing content that generate money through ads and sponsorships. One of the great things about Youtube is that it is open to all, and it is still significantly a meritocracy in the sense that the more interesting / captivating your videos, the more visibility they will be rewarded with – and therefore the greater the amount you can earn from the advertising revenue. Check out my 18 Ways To Make Money On Youtube

#19 – Peer-To-Peer Lending

Woman On Laptop
Image – Pixabay (PD)

Peer-to-peer lending systems allow you to loan money to other people who do not qualify for traditional financing. Companies like LendingClub (claiming 3% to 8% historic returns), Prosper (claiming possible returns of 4.99% to 11.75%), and Harmoney (Australia-based), offer potential investment returns MUCH higher than a typical savings or money market account.

#20 – Offer Writing Services

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Are you are writer? A fast typist? Are you good at cranking out snappy, well-researched, original, interesting, useful articles? If so, there are endless article writing opportunities as the web’s never-ending demand for fresh content continues to grow. In addition to the typical freelancer websites such as the ones already mentioned in #12, there are websites specially for writers to get jobs. Freelancer.co.uk has a decent selection of what look to be fairly well paid writing gigs available. Another list of websites worth checking out is this one 10 Online Gold Mines for Finding Paid Freelance Writing Jobs.

Another possibility here is transcription. You won’t need to be creative but if you are a very fast typist and have great command of language, this option could be good for you. Companies such as Transcribe Anywhere, Rev, and TranscribeMe will pay you to transcribe audio files to text.

#21 – Rent Out Your Clothes And Other Belongings

Suit And Tie
Image – Pixabay (PD)

The exploding sharing economy means that you can rent out a surprising number of things nowadays – almost anything you can think of in fact. From clothes to camera lenses, you can list your items through peer-to-peer lending sites such as StyleLend (Women’s clothing) FatLama (all kinds of stuff), Zilok (all kinds of stuff) and Rent Not Buy (all kinds of stuff), to bring in some quick cash.

#22 – Invest In Real Estate Without Big Capital

Image – Pixabay (PD)

I really like this one. Fundrise offers an opportunity to get started in real estate investment with as little as $500! Fundrise states that they employ a private market, direct investment strategy in order to earn higher incomes than investments such as public bonds and ETFs.

Fundrise posts some impressive stats – reporting fantastic annualized returns on their website including 11.44% in 2017. Investments such as these of course carry an element of risk and no guarantee of returns, however at the time of writing Fundrise has paid distributions every quarter since at least Q2 2016.

#23 – Donate Plasma

Blood Cells
Image – Pixabay (PD)

If you donate plasma, it is reported that you can get paid between $20 and $50 per session. To donate plasma, blood is drawn from your body and processed through a machine that separates and collects the plasma. It doesn’t sounds like my kind of fun but it’s certainly a noble cause as you will be giving life to people who urgently need it. In the USA – the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) allows 2 donations within a 7-day period, with at least 48 hours between donations. There are certain requirements for you to qualify, including being in good health. Donatingplasma.org has more info including a map to find your nearest center.

#24 – Earn Money Renting Out Your Car

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Getaround is a peer-to-peer car sharing platform. Car owners have the possibility to earn thousands of dollars per year with this! You decide when you want to rent your car, so your timing is completely flexible based on your own use. $1,000,000 primary insurance is included and would-be drivers are screened to ensure they have a safe driving record. The Getaround app includes a “Connect™” key that enables renters to unlock and use the car using their phone! All Getaround rentals include insurance coverage and 24/7 roadside assistance and it is free to join with no monthly fees.

#25 – Sign Up To Be A Movie Extra

And Action
Image – Pixabay (PD)

Not exactly working from home but it’s a freelance opportunity – and it’s not difficult to get started! Plus, how cool is it to be able to say “I’m in that movie”? 🙂 I once played a soldier as a movie extra. It was great fun and really interesting – Friends of mine were already doing it and more soldiers were required that day for a big scene – so I just tagged along – and was paid a decent “basic” wage for a day’s work – much of which was standing around waiting for something to happen. One thing about this – expect to get up really, really early in the morning as you might have to be on location by 6am. You will need to be within striking distance of the major cities for the most opportunities. There are numerous tutorials on getting started with this work – just google “how to be a movie extra” for more info.

#26 – Earn Money Shopping On Amazon

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Yes, really. It’s not megabucks but it is probably the easiest thing on this list. Harris Poll Online, a company doing consumer research, will pay you $3 per month just to share your Amazon purchase history. Your privacy is respected. Download their “ShopTracker” app, sync it with your Amazon account, answer a few questions and you’ll receive a $3 Visa Gift code via email. The rewards continue monthly.

#27 – Start A Blog

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Blogging has the potential to make serious money if you manage to build up a significant following and pick up social media and / or search engine traffic. Blogs typically follow the “freeconomics” model where all the content is free and various forms of advertising / product promotions / additional services pay the bills. Advertising revenue is generally linked to the volume of visitors the blog receives – so you will need to create really engaging content that gets praise and subsequent links and shares. Also, once a blog becomes popular, you will receive cash offers out of the blue from people wanting to place links on your blog. What can I say, blogging was a game changer for my career.

Choose a topic that you are passionate about – because you will need to keep going if you are going to make it into the big time. Most blogs don’t hit their full earning potential in their first year – and the ones that do well are the ones that are able to crank out quantity as well as quality. The good news is that you don’t need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ completely in the sense that, yes you have to write original content, but you can already see what does well online from what has already done well for others. Strong headlines and ‘cover photos’ are one of the keys.

Each page pulls in a certain amount of visitors and then every so often, you will find that one of your posts ‘hits it out of the park’ compared to the others. This will give you ideas on what to give your audience more of. There are all the tutorials you could possibly need to get started with blogging, available for free. I would suggest using WordPress – as this is the most popular blog platform for a reason – it’s free, functional and gives you all the options you need in order to become successful.

Want to learn how to make money blogging? Start here: Top 26 Profitable Blog Niches Plus 11 You Should AVOID At All Costs

#28 – Earn Good Pay As A Part-Time Bookkeeper

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Becoming a “virtual bookkeeper” can be a great option if you are good with numbers, details and accuracy. In fact, Entrepreneur magazine has named bookkeeping as one of the most profitable online small businesses! Entry level pay could be $15 per hour but this can go all the way up to $80 per hour – which is an amazing pay rate considering you don’t have to go out in traffic to get there. This is another line of work for which you can utilize outsourcing agencies (see #12 above)

Many people confuse bookkeeping with accounting. The two are different. Accountants often require a degree or even certification. Bookkeepers, on the other hand, don’t need formal education. There are numerous online tutorials where you can learn to get started in this career – start by doing some research.

#29 – Earn $5 To Get Started With Acorns Auto-Pilot Savings And Investment Scheme

Coins And Banknotes
Image – Pixabay (PD)

I absolutely love this one. Acorns is an app that automatically rounds up your credit / debit card purchases to the nearest dollar / pound etc – and then banks all that change for you. You can also add sums of your own choosing. The money is then moved to your Acorns account and invested in a portfolio that you can select. Plus you get $5 when you start.

It reminds me of the Restaurant At The End Of The Universe, where you invest one penny in your lifetime and by the end of the universe, it has racked up enough interest to pay for your meal. 🙂 I wonder how much you could save in 20 years just collecting the pennies from every purchase you make. It’s probably a lot more than you would think.

Acorns has numerous other features such as their own debit card. I think this is a fantastic way to get started investing and building a portfolio that grows over time. Time passes fast and the sooner you start building wealth, the better. Don’t be the person who looks back in 25 years thinking “If only I had…” note – this is not financial advice

#30 – Help Students With Their Homework Online

Image – Pixabay (PD)

If you are smart and educated you can now make money from home tutoring, using online platforms that match tutors with students. This is a serious business, with online platform Wyzant claiming that it has paid out over $64 MILLION to tutors!

eNotes is another – currently seeking Educators to produce content in a Q&A format for their Homework Help section. There are hundreds of student questions available for you to answer in literature, history, and the social sciences. The average pay rate for a 120-word answer is $7.40, but writers can earn up to $37 per answer. Tutor.com is another.

There are other websites also – additionally you can also work from home as a freelance tutor in any topic that you have skills in.

#31 – Rent Your RV

Image – Pixabay (PD)

So many people spend large sums of money on an RV that they only use for a few weeks of the year – and then most of the rest of the year it just sits there gathering dust and gradually losing value.

There are now peer-to-peer RV sharing networks such as RVShare.com and Outdoorsy that enable you to rent out your recreational vehicle – potentially making thousands of dollars per year. Something to look into if you are an RV owner needing some extra cash.

#32 – Sell On Amazon

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Amazon is truly massive – making up over 40% of all internet sales. You can have a piece of that pie using Fulfillment by Amazon. In a nutshell, how it works is that you ship to Amazon the stock that you want to sell – and they take care of the details of warehousing, shipping… the entire “back end”. You are the one who creates the listings and makes sure Amazon has your inventory. Countless people are building fortunes doing this and an Amazon reseller business is an opportunity that simply cannot be ignored by anyone interested in ecommerce, retail or bringing products to the global marketplace.

The simplest way to do this is of course to obtain your goods in your own country – but note that advanced players are going direct to Chinese manufacturers to have goods made – for the biggest potential profits. An easier way to get started with buying from China would be to cruise Alibaba.com or Aliexpress.com to purchase bulk goods – check out the price differential from Amazon prices! Note that you will of course have to be responsible for import compliance, sales tax reporting and so on – but there are tutorials and experts who can advise on this.

#33 – Online Surveys

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Yes, it’s an ‘old chestnut’ of working from home but it still makes money for people – typically in the form of gift cards “from your favorite brands”. You won’t earn megabucks but it can be a useful fill-in during time that would be wasted or if you are in between other gigs. Platforms to investigate include MyPoints, SwagBucks, Pointclub. More here – List Of Best Online Survey Sites.

#34 – Rent Out Your Car Parking Space

Parked Cars
Image – Pixabay (PD)

If you are not using the parking space allocated to you and you live in a busy part of town, then this could be an easy win for you. You could earn $200 per month or more in a major city. Websites that enable you to advertise your car parking space include Gumtree, Parklet, YourParkingSpace, Park On My Drive and Just Park. Note that if you are renting then this may be considered subletting so be sure of your legal status here. You will also likely need a contract so that your legal bases are covered in terms of liability etc. Read some tutorials before getting started with this one.

#35 – Cryptocurrency

Image – Pixabay (PD)

Even in times of relative overall stability, there is still money to be made trading cryptocurrencies – due to the volatility that is inherent to the platform. Day trading gives the possibility to make fast gains… as well as fast losses! There is a learning curve here; first in understanding how the various trading platforms work. But also with understanding the way cryptocurrencies work and the various trends in the marketplace. Numerous tutorials, blogs, YouTube channels and Facebook groups are dedicated to this topic and you will need to do significant research before getting started.

The good news is that you don’t need a lot of cash to begin. You can start with a few dollars and play the highly volatile markets with a sum that it doesn’t matter too much if you lose. There are many tutorials on cryptocurrency day trading online.

Another potential way to make (or lose) money: ICOs – initial coin offerings. This is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an IPO, the initial public sale of stock in a company.

#36 – Offer Storage Space

Image – Pixabay (PD)

There are some very interesting opportunities in this area. For example Neighbor.com which has earned the nickname the “Airbnb of storage”, because they allow anyone with extra storage space to list the availability of their garage, parking spot, warehouse, shed, or empty closet as available for storage! This way, people can generate a passive income by just storing their neighbors’ stuff.

Another option is short term luggage storage: If you live close to an airport and have some space available, you can charge people to store their luggage for short periods of time. If for example they have a layover for 6 hours and want to explore without having to drag their bags around or book a hotel room, this gives the solution. One person living near a major airport charged $10 per bag per hour and listed his space on Airbnb – stating clearly that he was advertising luggage storage rather than a room to sleep in – and was making over $100 per day with almost no effort.


That’s all folks! 🙂 If you enjoyed this mega-list please be sure to share and if you think of any more, please let us know in the comments. And ps. – keep good financial records of your activities as money-from-home is of course just as taxable as other income sources and you will need to declare your earnings.