16 Absolute Golden Keys To Internet Business Success

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16 Absolute Golden Keys To Internet Business Success
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This is a quick “power up” article. Print out these keys and post them on your wall. They will serve you well.

1. You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel.

It is better to be good than to be original. Yes, you can get rich from being the first. But you can sometimes do even better by simply doing what is already known to work and doing it well. You can see what works because someone is already doing it, visibly. So just do what works. Don’t steal, but “model success”. Borrow good ideas, legally. All the data you need is already available. Use it! Note – learn copyright law and stick to it. Get permission for image use. Don’t lift articles, write your own (and if you have no value to add then why are you doing this anyway?)

2. You Don’t Need A Website, You Need An Audience.

If you have an audience you don’t need products (you can promote other people’s), you can generate leads, you can drive traffic, you can sell your pwn products / courses / membership programs. You can run ads. You can do it all.

3. You Need Customer Retention.

Don’t let them just fly away. Customer retention is essentially methods of turning one-time visitors into repeat visitors – typically through an email subscription, social media follow or other form of contact info.

4. Locate Genuine Mentors And Study Examples Of Success.

“Gurus” are mostly (but not always) snake oil salesmen. “All sizzle and no steak”. Here’s what to do. a) Look for people who are blowing it up without talking about it, and back engineer their methods. b) Look for exceptionally bright young entrepreneurs who have just experienced vertical takeoff of their business and they cannot resist “giving away the farm” because they are so excited. c) Avoid “bright shiny object syndrome” and find someone who has successfully done what you are attempting to do, rather than is attempting to lure you into dropping everything and embarking on “some other venture”.

5. Continual Learning.

Learning equals growth and should never stop. Watch out for success – it often leads to complacency, which leads to stagnation. As soon as learning stops, marketplace “edge” starts to dull, imperceptibly, before you even noticed. Study continuously, not being afraid of something because it seems difficult: The obstacle is very often exactly where the gold is.

6. Above All Else, Pursue Excellence.

In order for great success you have to do something better than others are doing it. Find out what that something is and hammer it.

7. Everything Has A Rise And A Fall.

Look at trends. Find something that is on the rise and position yourself to get in right as the curve begins to take off. By the time it has reached mass scale, with everyone and their dog wanting in… well, you know the old saying: “If you see a bandwagon, it’s too late”.

8. However, Bear In Mind That The Internet Is Still Growing.

The number of people who actually have internet access is still growing. The number of people who can conduct a transaction online is still growing. Position yourself. There was one bubble in the late 90s. There has been another one in the last few years since Web 2.0. And e-commerce is still picking up steam.

9. Build.

Do not stop. As an old internet Mastermind once said “Fill the fucking server til it is running on one leg”. If you stand around waiting for results, there will not be any. Better to overshoot the target than do just enough. So if you think you need a 1000 article website to achieve authority site status, aim for 2000. Or 10,000. And make them better than anyone else’s. If you can make a certain amount of money in one niche with one site, then why not go into 10 niches with 10 sites? It’s all there for the taking but you have to apply ass to chair and do it.

10. Play The Long Game.

Look to create assets that will still have value in 20+ years. Some things are stepping stones but funnel that wealth back into assets with long term yield.

11. Email Is Still Hot.

– and will probably be for many years, despite all other messenger systems that have come in. Major businesses still use email for internal dialogue, for document transfer… the entire infrastructure of the web is built on it. It is a fundamental part of the internet in the same way that websites are. Email marketing is still one of the best things you can learn.

12. Outsource.

You do not have time to do everything and you should not even be trying to. A good business is one that can run without you, in the same way that an engine can run without the person who invented the engine being present. If you are trying to do it all yourself, then your business does not have a business model worth having and it cannot scale. You can scale faster with a team, and outsourcers need the money.

13. Eliminate Single Points Of Failure.

If you build your entire revenue stream around one traffic source, one product, one niche, then you are going to end up a victim when they make an algorithm change, or the product goes out of fashion, etc. Everything will have a fall. To be robust, diversify. Be distributed. I know businesses with 100 employees that went pop overnight because Facebook made an algorithm change. They thought they had it made with their 10M Facebook fans, and did not develop on other platforms. Bye bye.

14. Content That Works On One Platform Will Probably Work On Another.

So long as it is in the right format. What I mean is this. A slamming headline is a slamming headline. You can use it for a Youtube video, for a Facebook post, etc etc etc. Data mine. Use research tools of all kinds to yield the top performing content of all kinds. Collect it and store it in your own private databases. This information is gold. Oh man I am giving you the keys to the kingdom here, I must be crazy. The same goes for images. And once again, see #1. The data you already need is all out there.

15. Content That Works In One Decade Will Probably Work In Another.

What I mean is this. News becomes old news, and there are of course trends, and things that become worthless. But much of what worked like gangbusters 10 years ago, will work like gangbusters all over again. Even if a post went viral, most of the people in the world have not seen it. But how will you see that content? Ever tried scrolling back more than a month through a Facebook feed and seeing how it chokes the browser ridiculously after a certain point? My point is this. Start collecting databases and folders of slamming content now. Posts that went viral. Images that got 10,000 shares. In 10 years time, when everyone has forgotten about that post, you can bring it back, make your own version and have something that will predictably go viral all over again. I’m making lots of money using this technique. Start now, thank me later. 😉

16. Let The Data Drive The Decisions.

Data driven insight will beat guesswork nearly every time. Always be testing.

17. Begin it now.

In the words of Dan Pena, just f***ing do it.