Top 26 HIGHLY PROFITABLE Blog Niches (Plus 11 You Should AVOID At All Costs!)

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Top 26 Profitable Blog Niches Plus 11 You Should Avoid At All Costs
Top 26 Profitable Blog Niches Plus 11 You Should AVOID At All Costs – Graphic © Photo © Shutterstock (under license)

If you are thinking of starting a blog and wondering which are the most profitable blog niches – this page has you covered!

Why Choose A Niche?

It is almost universally advised to choose a topic a.k.a. “niche” for your blog to be about, be clear about it and stick to it. A blog that is “random” in subject matter is not advised and investigation of the world’s most successful blogs shows that these blogs are always tightly focused around a central topic.

Some niches are much better than others and I will explain why. If you are starting a new blog in the 2020’s, your choice of niche is in fact more important than ever.

Some niches have inherent problems associated with them. A good choice here can help you get rich, while a bad choice could literally cost you your livelihood and possibly more. I am not exaggerating! But you are in luck, because I am very experienced here. More experienced than almost anyone. I have been blogging for over 8 years, have tested many niches and learned, sometimes the hard way, which ones to choose and which to avoid.

Many “internet gurus” still just recommend the standard “big 3” niches – health, wealth and relationships – without any attempt to illustrate the potential big problems these niches now have in the 2020’s! The game has changed!

Once you have chosen your niche, make it nice and clear for the visitor what your blog is about. People should be able to figure that out right away and make a fast decision about whether it is “for them” or not. You can see clearly that I have done this right at the top of my blog – plain for all to see. Next level tutorials for blogging , social media and future business. That’s it. Nice and simple – enabling the visitor to decide in 1 second “Yes, this is for me” and to filter out those who are not really interested.


Here are 26 GREAT niches that are massively popular on social media, potentially very lucrative and, importantly, are also at the safe end of the spectrum with regard to the widespread modern scenario of deplatforming, “cancel culture” and censorship.

Why are these niches so great? These niches have very broad appeal (big global audiences = viral traffic potential = big money potential!), are not prone to controversy, have good monetization options, provide an opportunity to create virtually unlimited content, do not have extreme technical hurdles, have good evergreen potential for ongoing revenue and most of them “dovetail” nicely into related products that can be promoted.

They are also creative, interesting and fun!

⭐ 1. Tech

Reviews, “unboxing”, gadgets, tech tutorials… this is a superb niche. It’s massive and has potential that is only set to grow. It’s relatively non-controversial and attracts some of the highest advertiser spending. It has UNLIMITED opportunity for promotion of products and earning revenue via commissions! If you are techy and good at communicating – either by written or spoken word, get this one locked down asap!

⭐ 2. Pets

Training / care / entertainment (cute / funny pets is a viral niche; and I have had very consistent Pinterest traffic and income for about 5 years from dog training tutorials).

⭐ 3. Recipes

One of the most evergreen of all niches! Traffic on my recipe site doubled in the first 2020 lockdown as restaurants closed and people took to the kitchen instead. But regardless of lockdowns, the demand for recipes is as perennial as the grass! Recipes are huge on Pinterest and Youtube. Take a great photo of your dish, put it in a tall image, add the name in big letters and you are off to the races in Pinterest. There is more to it than this of course, but overall this is probably one of the easiest ways to get traffic that exists online.

⭐ 4. Luxury Lifestyle

While some buy something because it’s cheap, there are others who literally do not want to buy something cheap, ever – and will only buy expensive. Luxury “high end” lifestyle is also inspirational and motivational to very many people (even if they can’t afford it, they can dream!) and of course, this is a niche in which there is big money, which translates to big commissions and affluent audiences.

⭐ 5. Home Security

Fantastic niche with opportunity for tutorials and product comparisons. Everyone needs home security and the typical homeowner spends a fair amount getting it handled. We certainly live in “interesting times” – and any time of social unrest brings a new wave of revenue.

⭐ 6. Music Tutorials

If you thought music teachers earned peanuts, take a look at this: 45 Of The World’s Most Successful Blogs – Earnings Reports, Deep Dive, Amazing Insights. One of the blogs highlighted is a piano tutorial blog that is estimated to be making $100,000 per MONTH. Now that’s a slamming income! Of course, this is a niche that you need years of musical experience to be able to do effectively, but if you are musically inclined and a good communicator, there are tons of people who would love to learn music and so this is a great blog topic with diverse and “evergreen” appeal. Tip: For broad appeal and large audiences, create “beginner tutorials”.

⭐ 7. Cars

Massive potential for virtually unlimited content and advertiser revenue. If cars are your passion, you can make it work online! Top car blogs are earning 6-figures per month. You could probably also do well with motorbikes, boats or any other type of vehicle that has a large fan base!

⭐ 8. Sports

Huge global fan base and of course sports equipment is another “spendy” arena with big advertiser budgets and tons of opportunity for product reviews, affiliate commissions etc.

⭐ 9. Solar Power

Huge interest in this niche at the moment and you can shout it from the rooftops because you are doing the world a favour by assisting with the transition to solar power. 🙂 Lots of potential for tutorials, product reviews, cost analysis, interesting statistics about the growth / adoption of the industry etc. The average cost of a full home solar installation is in the thousands, with many more people taking an interest in “small scale solar” in addition to that, so you bet there’s commission and advertiser potential. My solar power blog has great advertiser RPMs (revenue per thousand visitors).

⭐ 10. Travel

There are a huge number of people who either a) want to do pre-travel research to learn what a place is like, either before they go there or before they make a decision b) people who have no real plans to visit places but enjoy “living vicariously” and observing others’ adventures c) people who fantasize about exotic locations and luxury holidays as a form of inspiration. All this adds up to huge potential audiences. You could also research destinations in a statistical way to help people learn about various places worldwide.

⭐ 11. Survivalism / Preppers

This niche can veer towards “alt-politics”, which is a bit risky. But on the flip side, preppers buy a lot of stuff! Top survival blogs, it is claimed, are making 6 or even 7 figures per MONTH. Tons of potential for gear reviews, tutorials, product recommendations and affiliate commissions.

⭐ 12. Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational quotes, love quotes, profound words, motivation, humour, sarcasm. Viral potential and revenue potential from ads, “printables” and merchandise.

⭐ 13. Gifts

This is a HOT niche with big money potential. Gift ideas, themed & curated gift selections, unboxing, reviews, wish lists. Practically everyone buys gifts at some point, and many people are stuck for ideas. If someone goes to Pinterest and types in “Gift ideas for boyfriend who likes cars” (for example – and yes people do do this), they are pretty much saying “just show me something awesome I can buy”. The website that gets found and makes the good recommendations, gets the commissions… it could be you…

⭐ 14. Consumer Product Reviews

Highly recommended! Typically themed around a popular product category. My tip? Choose a fairly high ticket consumer product type that millions of people buy, and do reviews and comparisions. Laptops? Smartphones? Air Purifiers? This is a long play and there is now pretty serious e-commerce competition in this niche, but the rewards could be high if you get it right.

⭐ 15. Home Care & Interiors

Homeowners generally have good incomes and spend significant amounts of money improving their nest. Good ad revenue and various popular angles to work, including DIY, decluttering, interior design, furnishings.

⭐ 16. Gardening

Typically this niche attracts viewers who are homeowners, therefore typically have disposable income plus a desire to make their surroundings beautiful. Obvious spin-off into garden tools, as above, very lucrative potential.

⭐ 17. Crafts

If you didn’t think you could make money showing people how to make stuff at home, think again. Good craft channels attract absolutely gigantic social media followings. Probably not as high earnings per visitor, but if you are good at making craft tutorials and can pull a big Youtube / Pinterest / Facebook following you can reap the rewards. The top example – 5 Minute Crafts – has over 200 million social media followers in total through a genius combination of mime theater and craft / “DIY hacks”.

⭐ 18. Fashion / Style

Hugely popular on Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest!

⭐ 19. Life Hacks

Super popular blog topic with potential for Youtube spinoff. Can work well on Facebook also.

⭐ 20. Themed Documentary Series

(careful of controversy though, see below.)

⭐ 21. Money Saving Tips / “Personal Finance” / “Frugal Life”

Take a look at my post 45 Of The World’s Most Successful Blogs – Earnings Reports, Deep Dive, Amazing Insights to see several examples of blogs that are earning six figures per MONTH in this niche. Yes, really.

⭐ 22. History

There are some amazing homegrown Youtube historical channels! Well-crafted historical content can have “crossover appeal” to large audiences and sensational historical facts can go viral… as well as being evergreen! Unlimited content potential.

⭐ 23. “Top 10” Numbered Lists

It doesn’t have to be exactly 10! You can see that “Top ___ Lists” is an extremely popular content format and there are many channels built entirely around this.

⭐ 24. Quizzes

Again, massive traffic potential offsets lower earnings per visitor. Top quiz sites get gigantic traffic and gigantic traffic + good monetization skills = big money.

⭐ 25. Beauty Tips / Self Care / Grooming

This is well suited to video but you can embed almost any YT video in a blog post and write about it! So bear this in mind: Any topic that works for Youtube lends itself to blogging also for this reason.

⭐ 26. “Everyday Life tutorials”

– everything from ‘how to unblock your sink’ to home organization tips and how to save money on bills.

Golden Tip: Use search engine “autocomplete” suggestions and keyword tools to see what people are already looking for within that niche; then serve those interests and needs! Share your knowledge and your passion. Teach people how to do things and then recommend / connect them to the tools and products used. That’s how it’s done! All of these niches can also be monetized with ads (with varying results): Product-heavy niches such as tech reviews will have much higher “ad revenue per visitor” than something like quizzes, top 10 lists and quotes – however quizzes, top 10 lists and quotes can get BIG traffic and can also be monetized in other great ways so go for what inspires you because all of the above can work!


The following “Big 3” niches can be extremely lucrative but can also be very problematic. They typically require not only in depth knowledge of the topic, but greater internet marketing expertise and skill, together with an in-depth knowledge of the current playing field, so as to avoid pitfalls, deplatforming etc. Unless it is already “your thing”, I would generally skip these if you are a first time blogger.

🔸 Weight Loss / Fitness

Potential gold mine but VERY risky indeed on Facebook. I would be surprised if you did NOT get banned! Awesome on Youtube if the content is well researched and legit. Email campaigns? Your keywords will be caught by anti-spam filters and your emails will likely end up in spam even if they are not! Lots of money potential here, greatly assisted of course by a presenter who looks fabulous.

🔸 Dating And Relationship Advice

Can be amazing (high demand) but higher risk overall. Very high risk of getting banned on FB – however no visible problems on Youtube. Pinterest? Not sure – I’ve never really seen this kind of content on there, but then I have not researched it specifically.

🔸 Make Money Online niche:

Can be AMAZING and of course, here I am with a blog about how to make money blogging…. but this niche is NOT for beginners. The reason? You need social proof. In other words, you need to have already made money before you can teach people how to do it! They want to see that you have achieved results.

I strongly recommend beginners to avoid the Make Money Online niche completely. Make some money first, then teach how to make money. 😉 Would you learn how to make money from someone who hadn’t made any yet? And posing in front of someone else’s Ferrari isn’t going to fool very many for very long. Don’t be that guy. 😉 There are also quite complex additional legal requirements in this niche such as the requirement for careful “results not typical” disclaimers and much more.

The above “Big 3” niches used to be considered “the best”. Part of the problem is that they have now been “spammed to hell” and run you a high risk of being labeled as a spammer even if you are not one: There is so much “garbage” in these niches now that many algorithms (and humans) instantly associate their keywords and content with garbage even if the content is great. Bans on social media are more frequent and typically clumsy!


Now these 11 are the niches I consider very high risk. If you are just starting out as a blogger and contemplating a niche, in my humble opinion these are “just not worth it” and I would avoid them big time. It just doesn’t make sense to open a business in a place where you already know people are going to throw bricks at it, if you see what I mean. Choose a good part of town! Avoid these topics:

✖ 1. Politics.

Whatever you post, almost 50% of people will hate it! 🙂 Politics is massively polarized these days. There are even groups who file mass “fake news” reports on political opponents to try to get them deplatformed. Avoid!

✖ 2. Cybersecurity.

This is a “hot topic’ and thus has potential but veers into controversial / risky waters. For example if you ‘out’ some kind of cyber-crime it is possible that you might face cyberattacks. You might also risk deplatforming if you are highly critical of the practices of major websites. This topic is also highly complex and requires very great expert knowledge. If it is already your thing then I doubt you would be here looking for niche advice; if you are considering it as a topic, just be aware that it could have these sorts of problems. I would pass.

✖ 3. “Alternative” Viewpoints

Used to be great, but since 2016, v risky. Topics that are generally considered “rebellious” are in for a rough ride these days. People are too easily offended and you could do without that.

✖ 4. Conspiracy Theories

Another shortcut to getting deplatformed.

✖ 5. Activism.

Activist content can get massive viral traffic. But it stirs up controversy, fact checks and possible account bans. I am not saying don’t be an activist, I am just saying I think it would be very wise to keep any such activities entirely separate from your online business.

✖ 6. Natural Health

– especially when when it veers toward alternative medicine. This is the first niche I struck gold in. So am I not being hypocritical by advising that you avoid it? I made BANK in natural health, but the game has changed BIG TIME. Natural health, as a topic, can be VERY risky nowadays, especially if you are sharing your posts on FB, but overall safer is the “healthy lifestyle” end of the spectrum. In other words, if you talk about carrots and yoga and avoid criticizing Big Pharma you are much more likely to be safe!

Another complexity of this niche is the importance of peer-reviewed scientific references, which is a good thing, but adds very significant difficulty. Also, the level of medical research required for credibility puts the “bar” of good content creation out of the league of “regular” writers – however you can find “MD” writers on Fiverr; but truly professional quality health writers are not going to be cheap.

Alternative medicine has very vigorous opponents in the 2020s and they can be exceptionally biased. They are also specifically hunting for and targeting natural health information. Even with content built strictly around careful research from scientific studies, and even if you know more about the topic than the fact checkers, you can still get clobbered by fact checkers. Ask me how I know! If you don’t know which “trigger topics” to avoid it’s a minefield… I would especially avoid anything to do with things that begin with V and are administered with syringes. See, I don’t even want to use the word! It’s a highly polarized, controversial topic and polarized topics of all kinds are inevitably high risk in the modern era. Natural health has also been heavily spammed.

✖ 7. Gender Issues / Sexuality.

Prone to controversy. It’s another polarized topic.

✖ 8. Erotica

– unless strictly and properly done within the ‘container’ of “the adult web”. Adult entertainment is a complex topic outside of the scope of this tutorial and it is completely against ToS of most social media sites. It’s best to consider adult entertainment as a sort of “parallel universe” on the internet. It exists in its own world and it’s ok if it stays there. When it collides with the “ordinary internet” is when problems happen.

✖ 9. Anything Illegal (obviously).

This includes the obvious things that ‘everyone knows about’, but also things that you did not realize you were doing wrong. Know and follow the laws relating to privacy policies, email marketing, word-of-mouth promotion, affiliate disclosures and so on.

✖ 10. Anything Typically Associated With Spam/Scams.

What I mean is, anything that search engines, social media sites and email filters will associate with such.

✖ 11. Topics Related To Restricted Goods / Categories.

Some topics, while not necessarily illegal to discuss, may have other issues in terms of advertiser restrictions and overall suitability for social media. I have always just avoided them but a few that spring to mind are alc0h01, t0bacc0, c4nnab1s (this is a complex ‘grey area’ topic) and we4p0ns. AdSense for example (quite reasonably) prohibits their ads from being shown on pages / sites that have weap0ns-related content. Note how I am even masking these words with numbers. I don’t want to risk having clumsy automated page analysis tools black-marking my pages!

You will also find that many advertisers won’t touch some of these niches and they are harder to monetize. Overall it’s just a hassle and it’s completely unnecessary to put yourself through all that in my view.

There you go! Hopefully I have given you some valuable insight.

Final Tip: Don’t get stuck here for ever. Pick one of the “good” category, that you are most drawn to, and just go for it!