16 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful

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16 Signs You're Going To Be Successful
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Ah, this is really a good one! Top inspirational video from Alux. I’ve listed below the 15 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful, together with my own notes. Do you have these qualities?

1. You Can Adapt To Change

This is an indicator of a ‘success mindset’, whereas resistance to change indicates that you are clinging to the past and not moving forward.

2. You Have Something To Prove… To Yourself

This gives you the “inner fire” that you need to win. Successful people often find “not winning” unacceptable, in a deeply personal way. It is not so much about impressing others as about self-validation, dissatisfaction with mediocrity and the burning desire to be significant, consequential and a high achiever.

3. You Are Able To Motivate Yourself

In order to reach success you need to be able to maintain a high level of motivation for extended periods of time. It is difficult to keep going day after day, but those who are on a path to success will find that they have what it takes to do this.

4. You Can Spend Countless Hours Doing The Thing You’re Passionate About

Do you find that you completely lose track of time when you are working on something you are passionate about – and that you put in ‘marathon sessions’ of work on it without even really noticing that this is what you are doing?

5. You’re Aware Of What’s Wrong In Your Life

Having clear insight into what is holding you back and what needs to change is the first step in taking the required action. The ability to self-evaluate is critical.

6. You Take Yourself Seriously

You have a personal attitude towards your life that you are not a joke and that your life is important. This is the opposite of nihilism, which is the attitude that nothing really matters (enough to do anything about it).

7. You Can Handle Stressful Situations

There is a certain type of person who responds well to pressure and in fact only performs their best under duress. This is an indicator of success. How you handle extreme stress – whether you fall apart or find new strength within – is a critical sign of someone who is made of the good stuff.

8. You Are Super-Competitive

If you are ultra-competitive, it is a sign that you have what it takes to be a high achiever. Winners cannot bear to be in second place and typically have a burning “need” to win and be the best. At the highest level, this can absolutely be an obsession.

9. You’re Getting Better Every Day

Self improvement is an indicator of your future status. How are you doing compared to where you were one year ago? Have you improved? Are you getting better all the time?

10. You Find Happiness In The Success Of Others

A person who truly appreciates and craves success will love to enjoy and celebrate the successes of their friends. Interestingly, those who are bitter about the success of others are subconsciously bitter about their own lack of achievement and their failure to be all that they can be.

11. Credible People Think You’re Going Places

If you are going places, chances are that you will not be existing in a vacuum. Others will notice. The word on the street will be that you are on your way up. The smart money will be watching your moves and getting behind you.

12. You Finish What You Start

Does your life consist of a pile of unfinished (or even unstarted) projects? Or do you find that you see things through to the end and get them done?

13. You Enjoy Being Around Successful People

Successful people tend to admire and get on well with other successful people. There is a mutual admiration among the successful and they tend to enjoy each other’s company and appreciate each other’s struggles.

14. You Have Set Goals

Do you have clearly defined goals? This is a clear indication that you know what you want and are going towards it. If you do not have a clear objective you cannot expect to get there.

15. You Educate Yourself

Taking responsibility for your own learning is a Master Key to success. Education is not something that finishes when you leave school and lifelong learning is a hallmark of success.

16. (Bonus) – You Already Have Some Money Invested

If you are already able to save money it indicates that you have a hard work ethic, self discipline, goals, are planning for the future and are on the way towards your dreams.