15 Steps To Master Self-Discipline

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15 Steps To Master Self-Discipline
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Here’s another excellent inspirational video from Alux. This time the topic is self-discipline. We have listed the 15 steps and added our own summary and notes:

1. Define A Goal That Is Worth Fighting For

You will not find the motivation to go for the goal if you do not have a clear idea of what the goal is and a clear reason to put the effort in. Motivation requires a cause! Thinking about your goal should have a powerful effect on you. If it does not get you really fired up, you need to define a better goal, one that means more to you.

2. Break Down The Goal Into Steps

The next step is to deconstruct the goal and break it into the clear steps and actions required to make it happen.

3. Create A Daily Plan That Will Get You To Your Goal

Self explanatory. A clearly defined goal, a list of steps required and a plan to inform your activities on a daily basis.

4. Remove Distractions And Temptations From Your Life

Next you need to control your environment and prevent yourself from being distracted by “bright shiny objects” and all the various other types of distraction. Take steps to ensure that you cannot slip – for example if you are a television addict, remove the television from the house permanently!

5. Prioritize The Goal More Highly Than Anything Else

If you are not able to put the goal first and say “no” to other activities, you will not be able to achieve it.

6. Don’t Wait Until It “Feels Right”

As wisdom has said, it is so much better to start now than to wait for conditions to be perfect. Conditions will never be perfect and “telling yourself that you are waiting for the right time” is a form of procrastination. “The best time to start was yesterday, the second best time to start is right now.”

7. Force Yourself With Pure Will Power To Do It

There will be times when you are not in the mood. Make yourself do it. If your mind is strong enough, you can overcome physical weakness, procrastination and lethargy. There will be times when it is extremely difficult to keep going – but champions are the ones who are able to not only power forward when conditions are optimal but keep inching forward when things are difficult and others are going backwards.

8. Seek Role Models Who Inspire You

Surround yourself with positive influences and remove negative ones. Study the greats and those who have most successfully achieved that which you are attempting to do.

9. Schedule In Some Breaks, Treats & Rewards For Yourself

– But not too many! It’s essential to recognize the difference between procrastination and genuine burnout. There are times when you really do need to recharge, and there are times when it is just your mind making excuses when what you really need to do is to get your butt in gear.

10. Failure – Even For One Day – Is Absolutely Not An Option

“Failure is not an option” – this is one of the greatest of all Mantras that you can adopt. Keep on telling yourself this. Repeat it daily. Write it in big words and put it on your desk or noticeboard.

11. Keep A Record Of Your Progress

Measure and test everything that you can. This gives both a clear record of results and an indication of changes that need to be made.

12. Set A “Roadmap” Of Monthly Milestones

Breaking the goal down into “monthly milestone” steps helps you to stay on target. Numerous businesses now create a “timeline” or “roadmap” for their projects and display this on their websites.

13. Track Your Progress And Gain Insight

It is advised to analyze your process on a monthly basis. Look at what worked well, what did not work as well as planned, what made the biggest difference and what got the best results – then refine and repeat.

14. Eliminate Negative Habits

Self discipline consists of two aspects – doing the things that are important and eliminating doing the things that you should not be doing. Success means ruling your habits with a rod of iron.

15. Just Keep On Pushing For 50 Days (Or More) Straight!

This is an excellent strategy for success. Commit to fifty days of “straight fire” – working flat out without days off. You can celebrate with a special day off at the end; and what a glorious day it will be when you look back at your genuine achievement!

16. (Bonus) Use Discipline To Become Superhuman

Discipline is the key to a better life. Your level of success in any endeavor correlates exactly to your ability to practice self-discipline. True mastery of self-discipline leads to tremendous “superhuman” levels of progress.