9 Rules For High Achievement From Elon Musk, Dan Pena And Steve Jobs

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9 Rules For High Achievement From Elon Musk, Dan Pena And Steve Jobs
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1. Dream A Big Dream

Dan Pena trains his students to ask themselves “What would you do if you knew that you could not possibly fail?” This is the first step in discovering and actualizing your real dreams. Don’t be afraid to think big, because “You will not exceed the goal you set yourself”. So always aim high and higher than you think you can. This is the place to be daring and allow your imagination to run wild. You will also find that you have incredible motivation when you set out on the bold path to these real dreams, because there is nothing in the world that you want more. That is your target!

2. Practice Daily Affirmations.

Here is Dan Pena’s excellent tutorial on affirmations. Watch for the part where he tells the story of his own astonishing affirmations and how they came true:

3. Have Excellent Daily Habits.

Dan Pena cites excellent daily habits as instrumental to his 500 million dollar fortune. At the age of 73 he continues to work out twice a day, say daily prayers and affirmations every day without fail and still works 60-70 hours per week even in “retirement”. This is an ancient philosophy and was espoused by Aristotle: “Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.”

4. Set Clearly Defined Goals And Stick To Them.

In order to hit the target, you have to define it and know what you are aiming for. You absolutely MUST set strong goals! If you do not have clear goals, you will find that you do not achieve very much and have a tendency to procrastinate – allowing the work to fill the “available time” – which is infinite; whereas if you have a clear goal and an absolute commitment to achieving it, you will find new strength and self improvement in order to reach the target your mind has set!

What’s interesting is that your brain starts adjusting to the goal you set and rearranging your life around it. A clear goal should have a measurable result and an absolutely cast iron deadline. No excuses allowed. Failure is not an option.

5. Work 100 Hours Per Week… Every Single Week.

This might seem completely insane but does it ever get results: This is the actual strategy practiced by Elon Musk and he considers this a cornerstone of his incredible achievements. He’s proved that it works – becoming the wealthiest person on paper in the world.

– And by an hour’s work, we mean 60 minutes of actual work. Not “half-assed work”, not “busy work”, but actually working full power.

In another interview, Elon says to work “every waking hour”.

6. Absolute Tenacity, Total Commitment And Refusal To Give Up.

Elon Musk is so motivated about doing something challenging, worthwhile and exciting that he was willing to risk everything – all of his fortune – to make SpaceX a success.

The first three rockets all failed and burned through 100 million dollars of Elon’s own money. He went absolutely “all in” – as he does – and it’s a key reason for his success.

7. Commit To Lifelong Learning.

Well, this one is not directly attributed to Musk, Pena or Jobs, but they would agree absolutely. Learning is not something that ends when you get out of college. The most successful make a point of continuing to learn throughout their entire lives.

8. Locate, Hire, Motivate and Reward Great Talent

Steve Jobs advises that you cannot possibly do it all yourself and you should not be trying to. Your ability to hire the best talent is paramount because they are going to be building out the majority of your business. A top entrepreneur is not afraid to hire people who are smarter than themselves and build an organization that can eventually build itself.

9. Do Something Meaningful

Being an entrepreneur is tough and you’ll need to love it so as not to give up. There is a huge amount of hard work and continual stress. Top entrepreneurs are guided by a vision and a burning desire to create something “greater than themselves”. Find your passion, the cause that you are most motivated about and throw yourself into it with everything you have.